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Brilliant Star Montessori School

Brilliant Star Montessori School | Montessori in Saskatoon

Reviews and Testimonials

Brilliant Star Montessori School | Montessori in Saskaton

"All three of our children attended this amazing school in both the Casa and Elementary programs. We will forever be grateful for the foundation that Brilliant Star Montessori and their teaching philosophy provided for our children's education and for our family values."

- Jason Danielson

"My son went to Brilliant Star from grade 3-5...  What a wonderful school.  My son loved the environment, the materials, the teachers, the learning style........  Montessori teaches children to love learning, to explore the world, to respect each other and the environment, to always be trying to be the best person you can be, in a spirit of respect and acceptance and appreciation for each other.  Any child lucky  enough to go to Brilliant Star is a blessed child indeed."

- Bev Pongratz

"I have come to know many schools and Montessori schools across the country over the years both professionally and personally and have never found one as tirelessly dedicated to excellence, passion for child-directed learning. I have an MSc in Capacity Building and am in awe at the way the school inspires children to engage with their own learning and tap into inner joys for education.

All the staff are all incredibly genuine, professional and great role models for the children. The school space itself is beautiful, inspiring and invokes a home learning familiarity that encourages children to feel more relaxed and focused on inquisitive learning than social dynamics. My only wish is that there was another Brilliant Star Montessori of this caliber on the west coast. Congrats to Julie and all the staff at this school for creating such an inspiring school dynamic!!!"

- Michael Leggett

"Our three children have attended both the casa and elementary program over the last six years at Brilliant Star Montessori.  By following Maria Montessori's philosophies, the school has inspired a love of learning and in turn fostered confidence, helpfulness and independence.  The directors (teachers) at the school follow the Virtues project which is a wonderful teaching tool to encourage the use of virtues in everyday life to help bring out the best in each child.  Our children were not only taught the virtues, but practiced them on a daily basis.  Consideration, forgiveness, generosity, honesty and kindness are just a few of the virtues (there are 52 of them) that create a caring and peaceful school and help build  students who love to learn, but equally important - those of strong character.  The directors are incredibly kind, patient and guide the children to be their best.  We truly appreciate everything about the school and cannot say enough good things about it."

- Claudette Pesenti

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Brilliant Star Montessori School

700 Gray Ave, Saskatoon, SK S7N 2J3, ca

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